This is a story of a woman who dreams of horses

I grew up on a ranch in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Northern California. From a young age, I raised my animals for meat, hunted with the men in my family and rode horses. School was never my favorite place to be, but I have always loved to learn and make with my hands. I come from a middle class family and a long, long line of makers. 


I have a deep devotion for raw materials, that are sourced sustainably. All of my hides are sourced in California, and are considered a by product of the meat industry. I crave a good story, and everything I offer has one to tell.

Currently living on the Central Coast of California, on Salinan-Chumash territory, I strive to offer the "greenest" possible, well sourced products and live a life connected to the beings around me. With a background in permaculture design, horse training, primitive skills and homesteading, I keep busy and consider work as a meditation and part of my service.


Working with animals is a Lifestyle. Currently my partner and I are care taking a 20 acre property. I am always saying we're a little farm with big ranch dreams.

Thank you for your support!

The Process

Hide tanning is where quiet mind, meets hard work, rawness and beauty.

The tanning industry has been around for many generations
and has not always been so easy on the environment. If you are curious about harmful tanning processes and want to know more just Google chrome tanning. You will find it is 
illegal in California.


All of the hides that I offer are considered a waste product. Any deerskin products are either from deer that have been hunted and are unwanted, or roadkill. All of the sheep, goatskins and buffalo hides are a product of the meat industry, and are most often thrown away. I believe we have the right to choose what we eat and I believe in using the WHOLE animal. I understand that this can be a complex conversation and am passionate about the topic.

I tan hides the old way: with my own two hands, no chemicals, and time.I refer to this method as traditional. Using brain tanning methods, a type of fat, and wood smoke-alchemy occurs, rendering a beautiful preserved hide to be used for a lifetime.  
Hide tanning is one of my favorite practices.

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