I grew up on a ranch in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Northern California. From a young age, I raised my animals for meat, hunted with the men in my family and rode horses. I come from a middle class family and a long, long line of makers. 


I have a deep devotion for raw materials that are sourced sustainably. All of my hides are sourced in California, and are considered a by product of the meat industry. I crave a good story, and everything I offer has one to tell.

Currently living on the Central Coast of California, on Salinan-Chumash territory, we raise a herd of sheep and goats and practice regenerative land management.


I strive to offer the best possible, well sourced products and live a life connected to the land around me. With a background in permaculture design, horse training, primitive skills and homesteading,

I keep busy and consider work as a meditation and part of my service.





Hide tanning is where quiet mind meets hard work, rawness and beauty.

The tanning industry has been around for many generations and has not always been so easy on the environment. If you are curious about harmful tanning processes and want to know more, research chrome tanning. You will find it is illegal in California.

Hollow Bone offers two types of hides :

Traditional & Artisan.


Each Smoke Tanned Traditional Hide is tanned in house, in California, by hand, using old-world traditional tanning practices. Each hide is one of a kind, made with love & care. The finished Traditional Hide has a natural, organic quality and feel, that is more consistent of a handmade item. 

Each Mineral Tanned Artisan Hide is tanned in a commercial tannery in California, utilizing classic, antique tanning machinery. The finished Artisan Hide has a more commercial look & feel, and a supple skin consistency. 

  • All hides have been carefully chosen for their unique quality and potential. 

  • All hides are a byproduct of the meat industry, and are rescued from the waste stream.

  • All hides have some remnants of vegetable matter that tell the story of the life of the animal.

  • All sales are final




The final stage of the process in tanning traditional hides is a smoking method using decayed wood from the forests, known as “punk wood”. After the smoking process, all hides are hand-washed using organic liquid soap, and a blend of natural organic oils and rose water are applied. Your hide will remain smokey for up to a few weeks. 


CARE: Your hide may be hand washed (or spot-washed) using organic soap if needed, however this is not recommended to do regularly because this product is leather. To wash, simply wet the wool side, add liquid soap, hand scrub, brush if needed, rinse thoroughly, ring out, shake and hang to dry in a warm place, and gently stretch as it dries.


MAINTENANCE : For regular maintenance we recommend airing out regularly, and brushing if needed. Keep your hide out of direct sun for prolonged periods of time as this may dry the leather out. If your hide happens to become wet due to weather or washing please make sure it dries out as quickly as possible as leather will mold. 


With proper care and tending your investment will last a lifetime. We appreciate your support!

YOUR ORDER: All orders are processed in 1-7 days. You will receive a notification when your order has been fulfilled. This means that it has been boxed and prepared for shipping via UPS.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: If you are looking for a specific type of hide or particular size please reach out and we can discuss what is available. All sales are final.

CUSTOM ORDERS: There is availability from time to time for a custom order. Please contact me and we can discuss what you are looking for.

CLASSES: I offer hide tanning classes to the public during the summer months, when weather is more predictable. If you have any questions please contact me.


Due to the nature of the size of classes refunds will not be given within