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Hide Care

Regular Maintenance

To keep your Hollow Bone hide in prime condition, we recommend regularly airing it out by gently shaking and if needed, brushing. Keep the hide out of direct sun for prolonged periods of time as this may dry the leather out. 

Spot Cleaning

If needed, the wool side of your Hollow Bone hide may be spot washed using organic soap. To spot clean, carefully dampen the wool fibers (not the skin), add a tiny bit of organic soap, brush through, and then dab lightly with a wet cloth to remove most of the soap. Lightly shake and hang to dry in a warm place, gently stretching the area as it dries. If the leather/skin of your hide does accidentally become wet, please make sure it dries out before it has a chance to mold.


Fiber Pests

The best approach is prevention. Here is an article with helpful tips to identify and prevent the two most common types of clothes moths. Unfortunately, most of the effective treatment options for a moth infestation could damage a sheepskin. It is best to stay ahead of the issue with preventative measures and if you do suspect pests, immediately quarantine the hide in a sealed container while you decide how to proceed. 

*These instructions are for Hollow Bone hides only. If you have a hide from another source, especially if you don't know how it was tanned, you may want to avoid washing it at all.

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