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Modern Day Cowgirl

What is the modern day cowgirl, and who is she? Well for one she is dedicated to living in harmony with the land around her. She is devoted to giving back, she’s got one foot in the modern day world and one foot in tradition. She is a cowgirl who has found herself in the modern day society.

She may cowgirl full-time, or maybe she dreams about doing it one day. But in her heart she knows what is important to her. Freedom, family, wild places and spaces.

You may see her at the gas station, or the grocery store, but she always has her cowboy boots on and cowboy hat. She values things that are made well, and works hard to achieve her dreams.

"she always has her cowboy boots on"

"She is not afraid of hard work, or being alone. She’s a lover and a fighter."

the modern day cowgirl is alive and well. She’s protecting the west and dedicated to preserving a lifestyle she loves

she doesn't influence others she lives her own dream

she’s full of grit and grace and lives like no other

the modern day cowgirl,

you might as well just say the cowgirl caught in the modern day

Welcome to the Modern Day Cowgirl Campaign

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